“In difficult economic times, it is often hard to find a silver lining. The strong and beneficial working relationship Goodwin House Alexandria has with Cypress Contracting is clearly a silver lining for us….Cypress has worked diligently to turn over apartments in record time, thus keeping our revenue loss at a minimum and in the process, you have provided quality workmanship meeting the high expectations of our incoming residents. Cypress completed renovations to our Living Room, Board Room and Anne Lee Room…the residents are elated with the appearance and quality of craftsmanship. From my standpoint, your completion on time, and within budget was key…You also had the shortest punch list I have ever seen at the end of a project. Goodwin House Alexandria considers Cypress the ‘Go To’ company for work which cannot be done by our staff…Your staff treats our community with respect and always maintains high cleanliness standards.”

Goodwin House Alexandria

“….what a pleasure it has been to work with you and Cypress Contracting through the years. After so many years and several projects, it is easy to take for granted the notion that each project will run smoothly….the Quest Diagnostics corporate project manager asked if all our projects ran so smoothly and did we have such strong team camaraderie. I had to stop and think about it. Our projects with Cypress Contracting have always run that way. I told this gentleman that each member of the team respects the other and we all work together for the good of the owner and project. It’s often said, but rarely executed so well….in reality, it’s more than that. Cypress Contracting has consistently looked ahead and addressed issues before they became issues. You have always put the needs of the owner first…..other contractors I have known seem to be looking for change orders at every turn…Cypress works to get the job done with the minimum of change orders…When we get to the close-out phase, your team completes the work on time, efficiently and cleanly. There are never lingering punch list items, if there are even punch list items at all. Cypress Contracting’s work has been consistently superior throughout the years and I look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.”

Herry International

“Your technical expertise and experience guaranteed quality construction…..Your management skills and control of the job site resulted in reliable performance from and coordination between subcontractors…..Your vigilant attention to the budget and schedule ensured there were no surprises…When challenges arose, you initiated various creative solution….Perhaps your most valuable asset was your hands-on approach and ability to translate unfamiliar construction terms and processes so that the Council could make intelligent and informed decisions….We love our new offices and are very grateful for your work.”

Council of the District of Columbia

“Every aspect of the job was completed on time and on cost….You gave me tremendous confidence by personally being there or being available throughout the project. I appreciate the personal touch that you exhibited in consulting with me on issues….Your experience and advice not only saved me a great deal of money but earned by customer loyalty and my recommendation to any perspective clients.”

Hot Yoga

“I want to express our admiration for your outstanding performance in the construction of the Spacenet, Inc. renovation project….the project involved extensive scheduling efforts in response to a dynamic design…..the client required their existing mission critical facility to remain in operation during the 100,000 sf renovation which included new computer labs, antenna hubs, two 1500kW parralled generators, 4000A load shedding switchboard, several UPS systems and three paralleled drycoolers and associated CRAC units.”

E.K. Fox & Associates, Ltd.

“We were very impressed with your dedication to the project and attentiveness to all our needs…it was great to know that for every unexpected issue that arose, you were there to calmly get the job done…..it was refreshing to have a contractor on the job that cared as much as we did.”

Freedom Capital

“We have been working with Cypress for over five years and they have proven the ability to handle any project, from small service work to large renovations…I am happy to recommend their services.”

Riderwood Village

“Cypress Contracting has the skill to anticipate situations that can arise during the course of construction. They have the experience to provide solutions that would work for almost any company. I feel that Cypress Contracting would be an asset to any business that chooses to engage their services.”

The Peterson Companies

“Cypress Contracting has been the competitively selected general contractor on over seven major projects where A+D as the Architect of Record. Five of these interior renovation projects with a total bid cost of approximately $7.5 million were constructed for the same client, attesting to their honesty, integrity, responsiveness, expertise and ability to meet schedules within budgets…..Cypress was a critical team member on all these projects, exhibiting their strong construction management and interpersonal skills necessary to the successful completion of these projects.”

Architecture + Design Associates

“Cypress was exceptional throughout the process and planned the construction well to accommodate all of our staff who continued to work in the areas under construction….Cypress has been very cost conscious – working with the architect and engineer they have consistently provided options that have kept our costs as low as possible without affect on the quality of their work – and the quality has been exceptional….Cypress has been very flexible in the scheduling of this project, working with us on sometimes a day-to-day basis to limit the distraction to our staff, and to schedule weekends or evenings when that became necessary….The working relationship that Cypress has had with both the subcontractors and our staff has been excellent at every step of the process. The superintendent was wonderful to work with, he was always open to answering questions, addressing concerns and helping out above and beyond the expectations to assist our staff….The working relationship was very positive throughout this project and the level of trust we continue to have with Cypress is unquestioned.”