“Cypress was exceptional throughout the process and planned the construction well to accommodate all of our staff who continued to work in the areas under construction….Cypress has been very cost conscious – working with the architect and engineer they have consistently provided options that have kept our costs as low as possible without affect on the quality of their work – and the quality has been exceptional….Cypress has been very flexible in the scheduling of this project, working with us on sometimes a day-to-day basis to limit the distraction to our staff, and to schedule weekends or evenings when that became necessary….The working relationship that Cypress has had with both the subcontractors and our staff has been excellent at every step of the process. The superintendent was wonderful to work with, he was always open to answering questions, addressing concerns and helping out above and beyond the expectations to assist our staff….The working relationship was very positive throughout this project and the level of trust we continue to have with Cypress is unquestioned.”